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Photo from Rendezvous Hotel's balcony view room of the Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre near Hotel Rendezvous, landmark clock tower and public bus stop.

Book online in 2023 the large hotel near Scarborough Beach Perth WA

Views from landmark Rendezvous hotel are spectacular. Winter is mostly sunny and is best for surfing. Ask for winter low season room rates and a hotel room on the warmer northern side of Hotel Rendezvous in winter with great views to Trigg Island's Trigg Point surf break. West side balcony room rooms have great views to Rottnest Island, Fremantle and Trigg Island. South side rooms have good views to the Perth CBD, Brighton Beach, Rottnest, City Beach, Cottesloe beach and Fremantle harbour. The north side has views to Trigg Island and beyond to Hillarys Boat Harbour. In addition it's best side of Rendezvous Hotel to catch the low winter sun.

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Hotel Rendezvous accommodation is near the Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre, restaurants, shops, post office, bus to Perth teminal, taxi stand, ATMs, car hire, surf shops, and only 13 km near Perth's CBD.

The Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough Beach is a popular Perth conference venue. If accommodation is fully booked at Hotel Rendezvous see more Scarborough hotel accommodation near Observation City.

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Indian Ocean sailing past Rendezvous hotel Scarborough Beach.
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The Pines Restaurant in Observation City at the base of Hotel Rendezvous has a buffet of good food. It's the most popular of all the restaurants in Observation City. Even if you are a guest of the Rendezvous Hotel, it pays to book, especially if you want a window seat overlooking Scarborough Beach. The photo of Hotel Rendezvous, top of page, taken from nearby Trigg Island

Photo of Rendezvous Hotel from a nearby Island

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