Online Advertising Scarborough Beach


Less than 50% off the average market pay per click (PPC, CPC) rate or NEGOTIABLE at about 50 cents per day.


  1. Photo/ads inluding links back to your Perth restaurant site.
    1. Free photography including 360° VR photoshpere eg and free ad design.
    2. At least 2 large photo/ads on the HOME page of
    3. At least 4 large photo/ads on the Scarboro page relevant to your type of business, eg Waterfront Restaurants Perth, etc. Your listing includs links, sales pitch, phone number etc.
    4. Online ad on (you can't see it if your ISP's IP has been blocked by me)
  2. Map Ads: Free linked pin on the Google search engine winning page for "map scarborough beach",  "google map restaurants perth" or "google map real estate agents perth" or, etc  If you have a video of your Scarborough Beach business on Youtube, we'll add that with the photos on your linked pin. In the example photo below of my daughters in the restaurant doorway, our Google winners drive diners to your Scarborough restaurant website.
     Free Google Guide Scarborough Beach Promotion
    ISO (Image Search Optimisation) Your images found on Google image search and on Google maps: Eg In a few months our photo above, sent in an email from Google, shows significant views and is inclusive of the $1 per day Scarborough online advertising rate costs.
  3. Discounted advertising rates in the Perth Wall Calendar. Google 1st for "wall calendar perth".
  4. VIDEO MARKETING: If your Scarborough business does not have a video on Youtube, well will produce and market one for you. VR Videoproduction cost is $90. For video production, video editing, and video marketing, what businesses need to do are:
    1. Produce good looking locations. eg nice looking restaurant food.
    2. Seat the models and video production crew at the best lit location. If you have a very low lit interior, let us know and we'll bring in some lighting equipment.
    3. Be well presented and hopefully available for a few minutes to introduce / explain the unique features of your Scarborough Beach business.
  5. Any business advertising on Ben's website gets
    1. a 25% discount for online advertising Perth wide.
    2. advertise on Perth Business and you'll get 25% discount advertising on this website.
    3. Free introductory digital marketing strategy consultation.
    4. 15% discount on expert SEO services.
  6. Referral to our Scarborough and Perth business networks. Recommendation for business network meeting venues at Scarborough Beach.


  1. Discount offers advertised on  For example "On arrival, customer shows on their smart phone, your restaurant feature on for a 15% discount on Tuesday nights."
  2. Alternate restaurant telephone number. You can have the same line with multiple phone numbers, each with a different ring tone. Alternatively, list a mobile phone number.
  3. Domain name redirection: As soon as you invest $365 for a year of prepaid online advertising, we'll give you a login any time to track click stats. When you divide dollars by clicks you'll get the cost per click (CPC) which we guarantee will be much lower than the big brand American media buyer's CPC rate. Eg click stats for our
    Advertising Scarborough Beach

The portal aims to make life easier for those looking for anything about Scarborough Beach. Because is a popular website, according to independent statistics, it has web marketing opportunities for Scarborough marketing managers or out sourced digital marketing agency and specialisation.  Interested in an additional source for potential customers? remains a POPULAR portal in Perth with integrity.  Not every Scarborough Beach business can afford to spend time required to gain maximum exposure on the web. helps fill that void.


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