This was the first website about Scarborough Beach. The site was created in 1999 by Ben GrummelsPerth search engine optimisation specialist. It has not changed much since then for lack of time. I need time to update it to a WordPress site. In 1999 the images were created in low resolution because access to the internet was via dialup modems @ 56kb/s compared to 100mb/s in 2023.

I was a member of the Scarborough School P&C. It occurred to me that if local Scarborough businesses did well, their local owners and local employee would do well. Then they'd be better placed to contribute to community development causes such as the P&C. The aim of this website was/is at presenting unique information to holiday planners seeking good interesting Scarborough Beach travel destination information from a local Scarborough resident.

scarboro.info was Google first for phrases like "scarborough beach" but with government agencies producing websites about Scarborough, it has slipped a bit but at the time of writing it was still on page one of Google. That is amazing since it was made with old technology 20 years ago. I'm not a web designer which is why it doesn't look good but its pages are popular and therefore present a promotion opportunity for Scarborough businesses and Scarborough community organisations. Scarboroughites are welcome at my home Trigg home office where I work most of the time when I'm not surfing.

From 1999 to 2009 I was living at 194 the Esplanade Scarborough. This put me close enough to the Scarborough CBD to photograph and collect up-to-date information. From 2009 to now I've lived close to Scarborough Beach at nearby Trigg Beach. Close enough to enjoy Scarborough Beach and attended business meetings at Scarborough Beach. Because I enjoy cycling and because of the severe car parking problems at Scarborough Beach, I prefer cycling from Trigg to Scarborough. I might arrive a bit sweaty/smelly but cycling sure is a stress free way of travelling to Scarborough Beach.

My love of Scarborough Beach and the success of this website in promoting Scarborough Beach inspired me to develop information about other good beaches world wide that I and my award winning travel writer have visited.  You can see them pinned on Google Maps.

We are a team of award winning Australian travel writers who not only write good copy about interesting travel destinations and fam tours of good value hotels but are experts at writing good copywriting for SEO. For example my old web page is Google first for "brand marketing australia" "copywriting for seo australia",  "hotel marketing australia"  "hotel marketing asia" and most South East Asian countries such "hotel marketing singapore".

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